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Oregon Society of Artists Gallery, Portland OR
OSA is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, board members and other committees. We have a staff of one.

OSA also welcomes artists as well as photographers.

OSA Gallery Hours:
Monday thru Saturday, 1 - 4pm, except holidays

Currently in the OSA Gallery - Photography Annual

Photograph by Sandra Banister - Bicycles with Storm Clouds

May 7 - 26, 2016

Photography by OSA members and members of the Portland Photographers' Forum.

Saturday, May 7, 3 - 5pm

Next in the OSA Gallery - 34th Annual Rose Festival Art Show

In Full Bloom - painting of rose by Anna Porter

June 5 - July 1, 2016

A juried show of work by OSA members and other artists from the region, categorized in themes including "Roses," "Excessive Celebration," "Portland Scenes," and "Rose Festival Scenes". Guest Juror, Erik Sandgren

Reception and Awards Presentation:
Sunday, June 5, 1 - 4pm

Official Sanctioned Event, Portland Rose Festival 2016

Classes and Workshops at OSA:

OSA provides many opportunities for beginning and experienced artists to learn and expand skills and techniques. See our listings of weekly classes and monthly workshops taught by experienced professional artists.

Looking for a special gift for a friend or relative?

Consider an OSA membership, an OSA apron, or an OSA pen. Contact the OSA office for more info.


Additional Current and Upcoming Events:

Free and open to the public!

Evening Demonstration -
Thursday, June 2:

Brenda Boylan: "Stories from Cuba - The Challenges, Experiences and Joys of a Painting Trip"

With the embargo lifted on travel to Cuba, Plein-Air Magazine organized an invitational for 100 artists to paint the island. Brenda Boylan was one of the selected artists and jumped at the opportunity to paint and experience the beauty of Cuba. Brenda will present a slide show and talk about the challenges of traveling to Cuba, some crazy experiences, and joys of painting on the island.

Critique session at 6pm. Demonstration at 7pm.

Daytime Demonstration -
Thursday, May 12:

Barbara Mason: "Techniques with Akua Inks"

Barbara will demonstrate printmaking techniques that achieve diverse effects without requiring the use of a press! This is a great opportunity to learn about accessible printmaking methods, or for artists familiar with printmaking to learn about a very versatile, non-toxic medium that allows a lot of flexibility without the need for specialized equipment. Barbara is a life-long artist who discovered Akua inks in 1992 and has been working with them ever since. Her beautifully minimalistic work is collected and shown all over the United States.

Doors open at 10am. Demonstration at 11am, followed by informal luncheon.

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